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  Predecessor small ears: Zhangmutou good and office equipment operators (1999.10 - 2005.10), because of the security industry confusion, lower wholesale industry competition, regardless of the user to understand the use of power safety standards, but the lack of high-quality power brands . Found this opportunity, we registered: Zhangmutou small ears electronic processing shop. Began production in October 2005, the results do not quite understand because of immature technology and the market, plus the company has made the market leaving two persons, not over six months closed. After the closure of thinking way out, we got a starting point, reduced from 50 people to five people start production scale, from the water supply began to start to lay the foundation quality. 2006 output value before we did 800,000. Later on, we have improved the technology and began to expand the scale of production, the development of other products. 2007 output value do 1.6 million until 2013 output exceeded 48 million. Today the development of small ears, and carries out a number of technical talent and good production scale and to create a high-quality reputation of the market. Thanks for these years all the way to support customers, partners. Our small ears will uphold the "quality, integrity, moral" attitude, worthy of the title "Security Power experts", the sound develop.